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Life on earth is complicated. It ranges from a single-celled organism in the deepest, darkest places on earth to places that have a blistering hot temperature. In all these places, life has a way to thrive. Life has created different forms of itself to allow survival, ranging from bacteria to complex humans. So what is beyond humans? What is the next step of evolution and what is the purpose of life? And what does the word Spacefarer mean and how does it affect humanity’s future. 

What does it mean to be a spacefarer?

In terms of definition, the spacefarer means someone who can travel in space. Space here means the place where planets and stars are suspended. It means going beyond the cage of the earth’s gravitational field. But spacefarer has other meanings as well. It is a title that humans are yearning to get, but we haven’t got it yet. 

Being a spacefarer also shows our level of advancement. How far we have come to be able to cross the moon and go to distant planets. But we have done that already. We have reached planets like Mars, Jupiter, Saturn. The Voyager craft sent by NASA is way beyond our solar system. So why aren’t we spacefarers yet?

The road ahead

We might have sent probes and shuttles and crafts into the deeper space, far beyond the place where sunlight reaches perfectly. But remember, no human has ever gone past the moon. We have touched the space, not traveled it. But we are on our way towards it. 

The ambitious plans of NASA and companies like SpaceX have boosted our plans to become a spacefaring species. The plan is to send humans to the red planet, Mars by the year 2035. It is an incredibly difficult task, arguably the most difficult task of our century, but it is worth it. 

If we can successfully send and bring back a human safely from mars, it is going to be humanity’s biggest achievement. We would enter the world of spacefaring. We can then call ourselves truly spacefarers. But that time is yet to come and the road ahead is not easy. 

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Why must we leave earth? 

Earth is not our home. It seems like it is, but our stay here is temporary. Earth is the womb where we nurture and grow. But the child must leave the womb. Sooner or later (and I am willing to bet on sooner), Earth will run out of her resources to sustain human life. As we run out of resources, we’ll face two options;

  1. To let nature do the cleansing and kill millions 
  2. To find a suitable planet to move to and grow as a civilization.

Option A does not seem like a great option at all. Option B is what makes us spacefarers. But it isn’t just about survival. Life has always been about two things, survival, and spread. Life finds a way to survive in harsh conditions, adjusting its ways to suit the environment. But at the same time, it finds ways to propagate, to reproduce and spread to other places. Hence, spreading to wherever we can is essential for our species. 

The purpose of life 

The philosophical answers to this question are beyond our scope. But the scientific answer can be attained to some basic degree. If we try to find the meaning of life in complex life forms, things will get confusing. For humans, the meaning of life is not one definite thing since we all have a variety of desires. 

To find the basic meaning of life can be found in the simplest forms of life. Take a look at bacteria, one of the simplest forms of life. All it wants is to live and reproduce. Everything it does is just to complete these two tasks. And in many cases, humans have been doing that, without knowing it. 

The purpose of humans 

The purpose of humans is to be spacefarers. There is this innate desire in humans to go beyond, to claim new lands, to possess more. The ways humans do it can be wrong could be right. The innumerable fights and quarrels between petty lords trying to claim a piece of land as their own. We want to get more. 

Maybe this thirst can be quenched by taking over all the habitable planets in our solar system and then spreading all over our Milky Way. The idea is more science-fiction than reality, but so was flying in the 1900s. Maybe in a few thousand years, humans will visit their relatives living not in other counties, but other planets. Then we can call ourselves truly spacefarer.

Humans still want to claim lands. But not of our planet, but others. After all, if we don’t use all these resources, who will? We haven’t seen any alien life forms claiming it. 

illustration of planet earth

Better humans 

Not just settling on other planets, but a spacefarer has to be better in everything. This means having better healthcare, immunity to almost all disease, or not having a body at all. This idea sounds too outlandish, but it’s very probable. 

Think about it. The human body is a house of disease. While evolution has worked meticulously to create an extraordinary organic machine, many flaws persist. And evolution in itself is very slow. What if we can create cyborgs that can take a brain from on humans and transfer the consciousness to that mechanic body?
Imagine a body that does not get tired. A body that does not get diabetes, or cancer or AIDS or anything. An immortal body. Living for more than hundreds of years; the concept of voluntary death. Humans would reach another level; God level. 

A new civilization 

Let’s talk about the Kardashev scale of civilizations. There is a scale on which the advancement of civilization is understood. The scale ranges from 1 and goes to 5. The reason it stops at 5 is that that is what we know about. We have no idea if there is anything more that can be achieved beyond that point. But there could be, most probably. 

1 on the Kardashev scale points to a civilization that can control the electrical forces and produce some amount of energy. We can produce and use electricity by coal-burning (majorly) and some other forms like solar power, etc. We are currently at 1.7 on this scale. 

To reach 2, we must be able to control the storms and natural forces to produce energy. We must increase our energy output. A stage 3 civilization can control the complete output of the sun while stage 4 can control the motion of entire galaxies. Stage 5 would be like Gods to us. They can manipulate the entire universe. We don’t even know what they can do. Can we reach that level? Perhaps. 

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Our vision at The Spacefarer

The team at The Spacefarer has a purpose. It is to highlight and show what humans can achieve and what they have already achieved. This magazine is to celebrate the great achievement of humans. From the wheel to the fire, from the understanding of human bodies to antibiotics. From learning about gravity to breaking the grasps of gravity. And from the jungle to space, we aim to bring the best of scientific advancement to you. We bring everything about science and its power to change for good. 

With immense hype in humans and faith in human knowledge, we believe that we can achieve whatever we want with perseverance and hard work. The Spacefarer is for humanity, for knowledge, for science, and a better tomorrow, whether it is on earth or any planet. What matters is there must a tomorrow.

What do we write about?

The Spacefarer is everything about science. From medicine to surgery. From physics to psychology. Even from chemistry to mechanics. Anything that has science will be written about. We aim to bring articles that are valuable to the readers and widen their perspective. That is the aim of The Spacefarer. Remember, the universe is our home, we just need to open a few doors. Look up in the sky, and heed the stars’ call.

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